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Hi, my name is Nicole and you could always find me at the riding stable. I rode many different horses, mucked stalls, groomed horses, etc. During my time at College I unfortunately didn’t have time for horses, but eventually the horses got me back in their grip again.

In the late 1980s I bought my first horse, Omar. He was 10 years of age. Since Omar had strong behavioural problems he was supposed to put down; I was totally in love with him and looking at his gorgeous eyes I couldn’t do anything else but calling my father to ask for a loan so I could buy the horse. Later, it turned out that Omar also had physical problems. Both problems couldn’t really be solved by the veterinarians so I feared that I maybe had to put him down after all.

Luckily, I got in touch with the holistic veterinarian Eric Laarakker. Eric Laarakker just graduated as veterinarian. During his study at Utrecht he also did other studies like acupuncture, Classical Homeopathy and manual therapy. I was pretty sceptical when he arrived that day and started working with the Connection sensor and Lecher antenna on Omar. At that time (1988) the work Eric did was unknown. But Omar was getting better, both physically and mentally. People wondered whether I had bought another horse, they no longer recognized him. Omar lived to be 29 years instead of 11.

Seeing these results of Eric I became very interested in alternative treatments for horses and followed the courses Connection sensor and Lecher antenna. In addition, I followed many courses at the Dutch Equestrian Institute (NHI) and Dr Ulrike Thiel (Equitherapist, behavioral psychologist), followed a course on the Strasser Method (hoof trimming barefoot), ran along with saddlers and followed the training at the International School for Professional Horsemanship (ISPH).

In 2007 I decided to start my own business. As Horses Insight I treat horses with both physical, energetic and mental problems.

If necessary I can get back to my fellow therapists, veterinarians, osteopaths, iridologists, farriers, dentists, saddlers, feed specialists and so on. I can contact them myself or refer them to my clients. We all have our specialism. I do not have to do it all on my own.

I strongly believe that if we work together we can get a higher result.

Photography and me

For years I was shooting pictures at events and in people’s homes. I could use the horses of my friends and acquaintances to get lots of experience. Up to now I not only captured lots of fond memories for my clients, but also for professional websites and books.

The special relationship between humans and animals I especially like to capture; those special moments, that beautiful contact.

My photos are not only used for fond memories and for posters on the wall, but also for commercial purposes (for books, websites, training stables).

Please look at my portfolio to get a glance of my photos.

Do you have a question or would you like to make an appointment? Please click here and send me an email.

Costs photoshoot

Per horse € 155,=

  • including 21% VAT, excluding travel expenses;
  • including 5 photos medium resolution for prints up to 15×20 cm; these photos are edited;
  • an additional € 25,= if you want all photos low resolution (50-100 photos per shoot); these photos are not edited;
  • if you want digital photos in high quality (to print posters) an additional € 20,= per digital edited photo will be charged;
  • all photos can be printed, printed on canvas, etc. I work with a professional photo lab that can arrange this for you;
  • please get in touch with me if you need any additional information.

Copyright : Horses Insight. Photos may be used for personal use only, not for commercial purposes. For commercial purposes (website, sale, magazine, advertisement) we can make separate arrangements. When photos are used on Facebook, WhatsApp or any other social media the photographer (copyright Nicole www.horses-insight.nl) should be mentioned.

A photoshoot normally takes 1 to 1.5 hours. Of course I take all the time necessary; you cannot always predict what a horse will do, although I encourage you to have a look at my suggestions as preparation to the photoshoot.

When there are more horses to be photographed at one location or you want your horse to be photographed at multiple sites (for horse & rider shots/horse loose in the pasture/riding photographs etc.) you can contact me to look at possibilities and prices.


  • Make sure your horse looks really nice: mane, tail, forelock, socks and make sure – especially with light coloured horses – your horse didn’t just have a roll in the manure.
  • If necessary, the horse should be washed, because yellow stains do not look nice on the photo.
  • Some people like to use some oil or horse make-up around the mouth and eyes for a subtle shine.
  • Polish bridle and – when riding – also the saddle.
  • For the photos it is often better to use a bridle than a halter, unless the halter is very beautiful and fits the horse well. It is also nice to use a chain instead of the reins or rope.
  • Teach the horse to stand still; also teach him/her to stand square.
  • A plastic bag is often used to get an extra attentive look from the horse.
  • If the horse is not used to different situations it will be nice to have extra help.
  • You can already look for a nice background for the photos.
  • For riding photos a pasture or outdoor arena is better than an indoor arena; indoor photos always are less beautiful.

  • If you have special photo-moments you would like to have, please let me know in advance or when the photoshoot starts.
  • When you want to have action photos, it is good to try it out before the photoshoot starts; you will better know how the horse responds and what may be required to have the horse move beautifully.
  • Realize that making good photos can take quite some time. It depends often on age and experience of horse and rider, but also on weather conditions. It’s also advisable to have a kind of quiet place where the shoot takes place (not lots of other people riding, shouting, etc) . I take the time needed to take the photos.
  • Only when raining the photoshoot has to be cancelled.
  • When there are more horses to be photographed that day it is often difficult to say at exact what time the next will be in line. Often one horse is much easier to photograph then the other and it is obviously important that everyone can end up with the great moments . So keep your calendar free for that day. Also make good agreements with each other with regard to the schedule.
  • If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Horse therapy

Horse therapy consultation rates
Costs for a consultation € 85,= excluding travel expenses (in Zuid Holland, no fee; outside of Zuid Holland please get in touch with me) and exclusive of healthcare products/supplements. For the intake at the 1st consultation I ask for an extra € 15,= (so 1st consult is € 100, =).

The Connection Sensor
The Connection Sensor is a measuring instrument that is used in the detection and treatment of energetic disturbances, pain points and blockages. I also use the sensor for the measurement of nutrition, medicine, homeopathic medicine and supplements. I can specifically test which nutrition and/or supplements is or is not suitable for the horse.

The Lecher Antenna
With the Lecher Antenna you can measure the energy of various organs and tissues and therefor the condition of the body. The Lecher antenna uses the various frequencies of the body of the horse and their corresponding wave-lengths. It can measure to what extent the particular organ or tissue is healthy or pathological (sick). That way, information can be obtained about the energetic state of the body and the various organs, on both physical, energetic and emotional level.

Healthcare products and supplements
I work with the following products/supplements:

  • PHYTONICS – Series of healthcare products that have been developed through years of veterinary experience combined with knowledge of Western and Chinese medicine, herbal medicine, homeopathy and orthomolecular medicine.
  • BIO RON – organic food, additional supplements (www.bio-ron.com)
  • ZELDENRUST HAYSTACK – 100% herbal, no additives; only dried and cut (www.zeldenrusthaystack.nl)
  • EQUINE HERBALIST Ellen Collinson – 100% herbal; for example all the good natural herbs for de-worming (also for encapsulated worms), liver herbs, kidney herbs etc.
  • PUUR – The PUUR series is a complete range of products for horses, dogs and cats. This series is made of natural raw materials. All products are made according to the guidelines of the GMP certification. The PUUR products are developed for the digestive system, locomotive system, respiratory system, skin and coat, reproduction and behaviour.

NOTE! Sometimes horses are given too many supplements which can cause a toxic reaction; hence I always test supplements.


Get in contact with Horses Insight

If Horses Insight has piqued your interest, I would like to hear from you. If you require support or have a question about this website, please feel free to contact us at any time.

Horses Insight
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